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New Arrival


Now supports Sharp 904sh SIM unlock, you can make a phone call

SIM Master4 USB

The USB interface GSM SIM Reader now is available..

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Hyper SIM

We’re the 1st one released solution for Sharp 904sh Unlock.

iNEX HS128 Controller is used on HyperSIM.  Lots of called HyperSIM or V256 are not real...Please don’t mail us question about it. Just check the Controller. There is no HyperSIM V3 for V1.1.3 OTB..  V1.1.3 OTB is still under testing..


HyperSIM for Japanese phone ready now !!



Models Support

Currently, we have developed for the models as

Sharp 904SH SoftBank 904SH  /

Sharp 705SH SoftBank 705SH (GSM/WCDMA)

Toshiba 911TSoftBank 911T

Toshiba 912T SoftBank 912T  (WCDMA Only)

Toshiba 920T SoftBank 920T  (WCDMA Only)

Sharp 804SH (GSM/WCDMA)

Panasonic 705Px SoftBank 705Px (GSM/WCDMA)


SIM Unlock

Currently, SIM unlock models are as


Sharp 920sh SoftBank 920SH  (GSM/WCDMA)











" Hyper Card – Newest Digital 2-in-1 SIM Card "




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