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New Arrival

Hyper Card

Now supports SIM Magic Multi-SIM Card…

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SIM Master4 USB

The USB interface GSM SIM Reader now is available..

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How do use SIM Magic Multi-SIM with Hyper Card
Please enable PIN Function of SIM Magic Card before installation..

1. Please download User Guide of Hyper-Card. Refer the help information. Put the sticker on SIM. If correct, it will be same as the picture as below : 

2. Please cut the SIM Card alone with dashed.

3. Install one small SIM in 2nd socket and cover with steel plate as below :.


4. Insert SIM Magic to1st socket, then cover the plate completely as below. Put Hyper Card to the mobile phone. The 1st SIM (SIM Magic Card ) will be on line, when power on..


5. Enter PIN Code to select the line connecting the network.

6. If you need to change the line from SIM Magic, select SIM-1 from the STK again and Enter the PIN Code again…

Above example is setting SIM Magic to SIM-1, you also can put it in SIM-2 socket..


" Hyper Card – Newest Digital 2-in-1 SIM Card "


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